The Power of Disconnecting to Reconnect

In a world where we’ve got a million things to think about, it’s hard to find the time to “do you”. We’ve got work, socialising, family, health, exercise and hobbies all competing for our time. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and shut down.

When we get overwhelmed, we stop giving it our all. We’re tired, stressed and close to breaking, but we very rarely recognise the signs until we’re in the very thralls of overwhelm. And by then, your body has taken a massive toll.

Enter disconnect to reconnect. This program is about so much more than escaping, it’s about moving your mind, body and soul into a completely different space mentally and physically to allow yourself to detox.

And by detox, I mean shut out the negativity, stress and anxiety that your current situation is causing you. This could be because of a traumatic event, or due to pent-up, long-term stress. But no matter what it is, your body needs a break.

I first launched the disconnect to reconnect program in early 2019 as a retreat in Ubud, Bali, and it has taken off from there. We now have a Facebook support group full of men and women across the world that have reached the brink of overwhelm, then flown to Bali to disconnect under my guidance.

Disconnect to reconnect is your chance to begin on a journey of self-improvement, self-love and growth. Over four days, we utilize tools and beautiful locations throughout Ubud to reset your mind, body, and soul. This journey of self-discovery teaches the importance of changing your mindset, breaking limiting belief and changing your life.

As an entrepreneur, personal development coach and professional full-time Siren, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people overcome their greatest challenges.

You’re not alone. I’ve been there. I know loss, and I’ve come out the other side a Siren, proud to sing my song to the world. Wherever you are in your journey, if you need a little extra help and want to disconnect from the stress of your life, let’s take the next steps together.