Everyone has a story…

Born a fighter

The day I was born, my Mum was told I had no heartbeat, and the doctors had to fight to save both my Mum and I. It is a miracle given the circumstances that we both made it.

I believe I came into this world fighting. I believe this experience set the tone for my life and it’s been a huge factor to how I face the world. Every day, I wake up thankful I’m alive and ready to be fearless, adventurous and tackle the next challenge.

But my journey was not always smooth sailing and as positive as it is today. It’s through this experience that’s given me my fight, flare and fabulous attitude – all of which I use to help my clients!

Leaving the grind behind

As an adult I worked harder than ever to be the killer career woman I always knew I could be. I spent 10 years in a non-profit organisation then got headhunted to work on a national project. I began working for the Irish congress as an events coordinator, where I worked closely with the Irish President and tens of thousands of people attended the events I personally arranged. We got national tv coverage and I won awards for my work. I was named as one of the most inspiring women in Ireland by an award-winning theatre production company who wrote a play about me. 

I worked 70-hour weeks, and had never felt more fulfilled yet exhausted. It felt like I was dying inside. I began to look inwards and really reassess my life. It’s then that I decided to leave the grind behind and instead choose freedom.

Discovering for myself financial freedom

Soon after I quit my job, I realised I’d been living someone else’s dreams. I’d spent much of my life doing what other people expected of me, giving up my dreams to put energy into other people. I totally forgot about myself.

Instead, I found financial freedom through social selling, and worked hard to build a system that would help others do the same. While I was glad to leave my old life behind, the unique experiences helped me to create an entirely unique and personal method, that I now travel the world to speak at events to teach. I’ve helped thousands of people across the world reclaim their lives and find financial freedom – and look forward to doing the same for you.

It’s not all about the money… But it sure helps!

My life is about exploration, flirtation and connection. I thrive on good vibes – using Buddhism, sage and crystals to explore more and more connect with people and experiences. My experience has left me open, confident and completely aligned with who I am, and it is my mission to help people feel the same. Through my teachings, you can learn how to become a social seller to attract endorsements and affiliation deals with brands to make an income, also known as social selling. Everyone has a dream, a goal, and it’s my job to help people realise it through influencing by creating a personal brand on social media.

Want to live a life like mine? Then book a spot at my next event today and start your wild ride to financial freedom through network marketing today!