Success – Mindset – Affirmation

Your life manifests through your language. It’s only time before the incredible things you speak of show up into your life. Imagine if you lived a life where you believed that your success is inevitable. How would you behave today? What opportunities would you look for? Would you finally believe in yourself? Would you finally […]

The Importance of Sleep, Meditating and Starting A Conversation

Sleep is often the last thing on our priority list. We sacrifice it for one last episode, to finish that work report and even to get a bit cheeky when the lights go down. And when you’re talking about sleep to friends and family, it’s always “I only got four hours last night…” But the […]

Six Ways to Become More Optimistic

1. Let things go Instead of automatically reacting to situations with anger whether it’s during the rush hour on the tube or when getting stuck in traffic, consider taking a breath and letting it go. If we allow minor irritations to consume us it can spoil our mood for the rest of the day or […]

12 Principles that Will Change Your Life

1. Forgive your past. Forgive it unconditionally. Forgive everyone involved, including you too. Life’s too short to hold onto things that weigh us down. 2. Be grateful just for being alive. There were no guarantees to you waking up this morning. Don’t take it for granted. 3. Normalise success. Hang out with successful people, learn […]

The Power of Disconnecting to Reconnect

In a world where we’ve got a million things to think about, it’s hard to find the time to “do you”. We’ve got work, socialising, family, health, exercise and hobbies all competing for our time. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and shut down. When we get overwhelmed, we stop giving it our all. We’re […]